Chilly NeckTM


by Crystal

  • Chilly NeckTM remains hydrated  24-48 hours
  • No need for ice or freezing
  • Cools through evaporation
  • Reusable - just resoak
  • Keeps you cool, helps fatigue and heat stress
  • Comfortable and soft

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  • Fill bag with cool or warm water, close bag use warmer water for faster results
  • SOAK 15 minutes to 1 hour inside bag
  • Move chilly neck filler around inside bag to allow for proper expansion... for cooler results drop in COLD water prior to wear 5 minutes
  • To use as a warmer, soak in warm water of desired temperature
  • DO NOT use ice or this will slow expansion
  • Once desired expansion is reached PAT DRY
  • DO NOT squeeze
  • Tie around neck or forehead
  • Hang to dry for 2 weeks
  • Fold flat & store in cool dry place
  • Bag can be reused for later hydration & storage
  • To reuse, follow above steps
  • To clean, add 1 Tablespoon rubbing alcohol